Monday, 25 April 2011

Politicians and their muddled thinking.

When will green thinking become unified, we cannot put aside our good farmland for nature projects whilst we rely on imports. It’s not fair that we hurtle towards the 80% emissions cuts whilst we chow down on Brazilian beef cooked in a Chinese oven with French electricity. LDV and Rover will add to these carbon savings, but in their place we have unemployment and hundreds of failing subsidiary businesses that depended on their custom. We must see new jobs created in green industries in the UK; there must be jobs. If we build a solar panel in England and it is 5% less efficient and 5% more money than the German one then, that is fine it is British and will get better in time.

Interference with farming annoys me; British farms should be producing more food WHY? So we don’t have to IMPORT everything. 90% of apples are foreign, beef from brazil, lamb from New Zealand, and we are flooding good farm land for marsh warblers, and fencing off streams to increase bio diversity, does any one stop to think of the container ship laboring through heavy seas from the southern hemisphere, laden with low welfare standard meat, burning heavy marine oils as it does so?

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