Thursday, 8 September 2011

Eating Insects - The food of the future?

I have just been listenimg to Costing the Earth on BBC Radio 4 presented by Tom Heap.

He was considering the fact that due to over population and mankinds need for HBV protiens we might be heading towards a society that by neccesity gets some of its protien from bugs.

He kicked off the programming eating a locust stir fry in Bristol, then visted Bart Hogerbrink in the netherlands to taste some cookies made with meal worm flour.

Both recipies sound fine, I think, although steak and chips sounds better.

The fact is that insects are VERY efficient at coonverting what they eat in to protien, WAY WAY WAY more efficient than a cow, sheep, pig or even a chicken.


So it can be seen that Beef is quite lavish in terms of resource use. Other insects such as meal worms will eat rotten fruit and vege proving high quality nutrients from waste.

With meat prices set to double in the next ten years, meat will certainly become a luxury, we will all probably eat less meat

Whether we eat bugs instead is another question I suppose. We could use them to feed fish . . .

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