Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Reuse is THE BEST form of recycling

LATS no longer required?: Is the LATS scheme counterproductive? Just like giving householders a big bin, this gives district councils the option to fill a given space. Landfill tax on its own should be enough to halt the flow of waste to landfill, and is already having a big effect.

In Germany they have a system whereby it is banned to place bio degradable material in a landfill site, this is a great idea, why not force people to just “do it”. You could ponce around with taxes like the UK but no Germany wallop. Done. The level of domestic sorting that occurs in Germany also impressed me, they have four bins, and their compost bins and vented to prevent anaerobic decomposition. Aerobic means in the presence of air, so by allowing air in (as I understand it) it stops the anaerobic process before I t begins.

In California, re-use is more acceptable. Re use in the States is not frowned upon like it is in the UK. So why is this? Well the Brits are a stuck up bunch of @55es We seem to have been suckered by commercialism, lost our way in the fog of cheap consumer goods and cheap credit. Perhaps now we can have a better crack at showing a little backbone. (Now we can’t get drastic with the plastic (credit cards))

Reuse is THE BEST form of recycling as it occurs so high up the “chain”. If people, bought stuff from recycling centers this would help, resale points at CAs should be compulsory! How would the reuse of building materials fit in with building regulations, the LPA are so specific with what they will allow. I should imagine the use of structural recycled material would be frowned upon whilst cosmetic stuff would be more acceptable.

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