Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A trip to an industrial composting site.

First we looked at the garden waste composting. The finished product looked really well graded, and they had various courser grades, The Carymore man said that people come and buy it by the trailer load, or sometimes truck load. It is marketed as a soil conditioner. The area looked small for its intended purpose, the windrows were sandwiched right up against each other, and they must have been difficult to work effectively like this. There were pools to catch the runoff from the area, the worry being that the runoff will be nutrient rich and may cause eutrophication in nearby water courses (30/12/09: plus it will be acidic (organic acid) and mobilize nasty’s that may be best left where they are, especially as the site was previously a munitions dump (Heavy Metals etc)!!

It was good to see the in vessel composting system. Application of learning is a good thing. This as the high temperature 70 – 75 C composting to get rid of the foot and mouth pathogens, temps must be maintained at 60 for 48 hours, all overseen by EA. I ironically this was the compost that was most popular with the farmers, even though it carries the highest risk. Why? It’s the cheapest compost there. (Perhaps the high temps also kill off seeds and spores, so the farmer doesn’t get geraniums growing all over his farm?)

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