Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The First Environmental Legislation

Environmental Legislation: 1237 was when the first environmental legislation was first put in the effect, and since then countless act, amendments to acts and EU directivities have overlain these to produce a right old mish mash of rules and regulations. To further complicate this common law can be applied to any case / breach deemed necessary.

This legislation however, convoluted does not does not fill me with the same amount of despair as other areas of people-kinds battle with ourselves, it really is making a difference. Landfill volumes are decreasing, and recycling is increasing, a careful set of taxes are pushing people away from landfill. General waste is now costing around £100 a ton to dispose of.

It is interesting to hear that the world economic downturn has helped has helped reduce waste, BUT!! that is because the turnover is lower, not because people are better at using less waste!

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