Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Graffiti on Buildings - From Google Street View

Graffiti on Buildings - From Google Street View

Hi. Please click on blue links to visit site of graffiti / street art.

Turku, Southwest Finland 

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Carbon Storage in Soils

Carbon Storage in Soils

Below table is taken from Carbon storage by habitat:Review of the evidence of theimpacts of managementdecisions and condition ofcarbon stores and sources.


It shows the carbon storage potential for various soils (based on habitats). As you can see some grasslands hold more carbon in the SOILS than woodlands. However this table shows soil storage and plant storage. 

Table Text (For Google)

Habitats Carbon stock in soils (t Cha-1 ) Carbon stock in vegetation (t Cha-1 ) Dwarf shrub Heath 88 2 Acid grassland 87 1 Fen, mash and swamp 76 ? Bog 74 2 Coniferous woodland 70 70 Broad leaf, mixed & yew woodland 63 70 Neutral grassland 60 1 Improved grasslands 59 1 Arable and horticulture 43 1 Coastal margins (UK) 48 ? 

Woodpecker Damage - Electricity Pole or Telegraph Pole

Woodpecker Damage - Electricity Pole or Telegraph Pole

Woodpeckers can and do damage wooden transmission posts such as Electricity and Telegraph Poles.

There are over two hundred species of woodpecker and two species of wrynecks worldwide. Of these, three species of woodpecker and one species of wryneck are found in the UK.

These birds cause damage to Electricity and Telegraph Poles. Just as they would with a tree trunk they use their powerful peaks to make holes. 

A hole filler can be used to effect a repair. This solution repairs woodpecker damaged poles by using a filler. Used correctly it strengthens the damaged pole, avoids expensive replacements and reduces the chances of rot developing as a consequence of the holes. This solution can only be applied in certain scenarios based on the number, extent and distance between holes.

This method not only help reduce work in replacing poles, but also reduces contempt for the birds as their impact is lessened proportionally.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Rolling Apples GIF

Rolling Apples GIF

Badly done GIF of Apples rolling across table. I was trying to describe"upset the apple cart" in a picture. . . didn't work very well !

 Ah just found online convertor that did a better job. File size is larger though. . .

Life Cycle Assessment

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

CSS Font Style not Showing on IOS mobile device.

CSS Font Style not Showing on IOS mobile device. 


Recently I have noticed that when I view my website on an IOS mobile device using either safari or firefox, that the font defaults to a standard font (times / times new roman) rather then the font in my CSS which is Arial.

I have seen many apparent solutions to this problem on countless forums, but lucky for you the solution is easy as pie.

arial not Arial

Simply remove the capital letter from the font name in you CSS:

And all will be well. . . . happy someday! Thorpy. 

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Coffe GIFs

Here within a collection of Coffee related GIFs:

Below from scene in futurama where Fry drinks 100 cups of coffee.

More to come soon.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Graffiti in Bristol

Graffiti in Bristol 

I do a lot of work in Bristol and now ans again I come across some lovely graffiti, which I have shared with you here, it is a work in progress I will post more as I find them. All images are from Google Street View.

171 Hotwells Road

"Bristol Food" this reminds me of the Mint Sauce Cartoons, painted by Joe Burt in a magazine from my youth. Love this one.

Eugene Street

Some  run of the mill stuff in an industrial area.

The Duke of York Pub - Conduit Place

Far out! (Yes I was born in the 80's.)

Banksy - Girl with Pierced Ear Drum - Bristol Marina

Others such as Visit Bristol have done a great job of marking all things BAnksy, so I will stop at the one picture.