Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Bucket Crusher and Mobile Crusher Noise / Sound Levels

Bucket Crusher and Mobile Crusher Noise  / Sound Levels

There are a great many sites titled "crusher sound levels" or "bucket crusher noise" which do not publish figures of decibel levels.

I have come across this HSE document (governmental body) which one would hope is reliable. The document is "Control of Noise in Quarries".

The document lists various sound / noise level for static / fixed and mobile crushers in decibels / dBA / db. For a bucket crusher I used figures listed for a mobile crusher platform, as they are likley to be closer match in terms of size.

You will note the table also includes way to reduce noise for the operator. However, the document is not aim at environmental noise reduction.

Text Version of Above Data  

Primary crusher cabin  - 108  dB(A)
Compressor -  100  dB(A)
Drill  -105  dB(A)
Secondary crusher -107  dB(A)
Secondary crusher - 91   dB(A)
Metal transfer chute - 119   dB(A)
Metal - 119  dB(A)
Screen building - 88  dB(A)
Mobile crusher platform -103   dB(A)
Mobile crusher cabin - 93 dB(A)
Hand drill  - 110  dB(A)
Mobile crusher - 92   dB(A)

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