Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Gove's Green Post Brexit UK - Beware I Say!

Gove's Green Post Brexit UK - Beware I Say!

The Environmental Secretary Micheal Gove has promised a  Green Post Brexit UK but beware I say! Things are happening under his watch that are not good, I aim to keep a list of things here:

Post Brexit Green Watchdog

At the moment if the UK step out of line with regards to the environment we get our wrists slapped by the EU. A recent example is the EU fining the UK for its air quality failures.

Post Brexit this will not happen, so we need a EU level equivalent independent body to make sure the government follows it own rules.

The house of lords have voted that details of this watchdog need to published, but the government has delayed publishing it until after the 3rd reading of the EU withdraw bill. This deferral means that there will less time to check proposed measures, and the danger it will become lost in the scrabble in to the run up to our ridiculous exit from the EU.

If you have any other ideas for inclusions please leave a comment and I will type them up.