Monday, 27 May 2013

SAPPER 9 Software Review

SAPPER 9 Software Review - Intro

SAPPER 9 is a BRE apporved software that allows users to input data from designed dwellings in oreder to deuce likly emmisions, and implement measures to reduce said emmisions. There are hundreds of variables to choose from, and the software is updated regulalry to make allowances for the ever changes regulatoru back drop.

SAPPER 9 Software Review - Apperance

Although apperance is not in the slightest way imporatnat I thought I would describe it anyway. The GUI is not very flashy, but it is clealry laid out and easy to use.

There are around 15 sub screens in to which users will enter data, covering building volume, window sizes, door sizes, energy systems, ventilation, building fabric, thermal mass . . . . . . 

SAPPER 9 Software Review - Reliability

Over the 3 years I have been using the software, I have only ever had one problem, and that was when I was carrying out a code for sustainable homes pre-assessment  , and the program failed to recognised combined carbon savings from CHP and Solar PV. 1 email to RUSFA and within 12 hours an update was released that works perfectly. What service!

SAPPER 9 Software Review - Applications

SAPPER 9 Software Review - Where to buy?