Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Its Compost not Radio-Active Waste!

Its Compost not Radio-Active Waste!

Recently I have been undertaking a compost spreading deployment application, and I am absolutly amazed at the number of hoops that it is nessassary to jump through in order to spread compost.

I could understand the rigourus process if the waste was toxic, but it is not proven via testing that it has very low levels of toxic elements.

The nutrient levels in the compost are fairly high which you may point out may leed to eutrophication etc, but when you look at water extractable nutrients in many cases they are completly absent, meaning that the nutrients are locked with the compost.

On clay soils, compost is massivly beneficial, making the soil more crumbly, which in turn leeds to more efficient use nutrients by plants.

When changing a regime of artificial fertiliser use to that of compost use, yiou will see eleveated macro nutrient levels owing to the application of synthetci fertilisers, and low micro nutrients. It is hard therefore to swith from one to the other under the current "agricultural benefit" system, as by applying compost to boost micro nutirnt levels you will be over applying macro nutrients.

All in all an unfit sytem for what is a useful biproduct of the human race, and at the moment is treated as though it was a dangerous substance.

Note: This applies to green waste compost only.

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