Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Dealing with Mold

Dealing with Mold - Intro

The presence of mold in the home or work place can be worrying, and also it doesn't look very nice below is a step by step guide of how you might deal with it.

Deal with the root of the problem first.

Dealing with Mold - Damp

Mold and Mildew grows on damp surfaces, most bathrooms have mildew in them,  because they rarely get a chance to dry out.

It is important to eliminate damp if you wish to eliminate mold. Damp can come through the walls , up from the ground or from inside the house if it is humid and poorly ventilated.

Modern homes are very air tight, but unlike our European counter parts  we do not have adequate ventilation to remove moisture, an extractor fan in a bathroom will only pull as much air out of a steamy room as is allowed in. Think about the path of air in your home, where is air allowed in and out of the property. Air should follow a route away from living areas and out through damp areas. For very high levels of comfort you may consider a Mechanical Ventilation System with Heat Recovery (MVHR).

Once you have established a good flow of air through your house the the mold should gradually go away.

Dealing with Mold - Treatment with Fungicide

Treatment of the mold with a fungicide is the next step, to help it on its way.

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