Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The True Cost of MRFs

I think mid Devon DC where I live are a bit lazy when it comes to recycling. They only take the stuff that is easy to recycle namely the metals and glass and leave everything else. They really should invest in a MRF (14/12/09: My views have since changed on this), to help sort their waste. I wonder how long a MRF take to pay for its self? I will Find OUT XXX.

(From: WRAP recovering value from MRFs)

Graph: Big is better. There is little said about detailed costs, but a MRF in mole valley cost £3million, and has a processing charge of £6 -20 a tones, this is on top of any money back from sale of materials. So the answer is they DON’T pay for themselves, the tax payer does.

Recycling is a fairly space hungry activity we live in a small (by UK standards) terrace house. We don’t have space to keep lots of different bins for different bins for sorting, and overriding all this is time. I am working 8 hours plus 4 hours commuting 1 hour eating 1hour with family, and a man needs to sleep.

People can't be bothered to reycle.

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