Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Ignorance of Greenpeace - Nuclear Fusion

I once had an album by Orbital (funky electronic music around 1995) and inside the front cover there was an “advert” by green peace they rabbited on about the government not spending enough on renewable energy, and instead said that they were “wasting” millions on nuclear fusion.

Nuclear fusion is the answer to all our prayers, it is worth spending an infinite amount of money on, and now perhaps 15 years after they printed that advert fusion is showing real progress, as I say, ill informed activists.

They still as ignorant now as they ahave ever been.

The Register: Article on Greenpeaces Ignorance with regards to nuclear Energy

Greenpeace: View on the ITER - This is outstandingly bad, probably written by a teenager.

How can we nail down the damaging misinformation the media and NGOs splash about?

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