Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Waste Regulations are Working

I personally have noticed that Waste policies in the UK are making a change to the
way I work, a few weeks back I rung up for a price on a skip to take some concrete away price was £125, and then I thought I’d find a price on a mobile crusher for the day, again £125. So being I I was to gain five or more tones of useful aggregate, I went for the crusher. Crusher was towed 30 miles from the site, it weighs five tones. Good? No. Took me pretty much ½ a day to load it. So minus £60.

But I gained £100 of good quality (for the intended purpose) aggregate. So in economic terms I finished up £40 on top. Not bad for a small amount, a larger amount would have worked out even more cost effective.

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