Saturday, 10 August 2019

How to Deal with a Climate Change Denier

How to Deal with a Climate Change Denier

Push them off a cliff. . . .just kidding. Maybe.

As more and more science adds to the consensus that man made climate change is a real thing Climate Change Deniers because less and less commonly encountered. But when you do come across these oddities, you can bet they are:

I all cases this makes them appalling human beings, and you are unlikely to change their minds. What you need is the NASA CO2 Graph. It rocks for the following reasons.

  • Its a picture.
  • Its shows how weird things are getting.
  • Its from NASA
The last point is likely to sit  well with any denier, as they probably like big noisy things that look like penises such as space rockets.

I saw Professor Brian Cox use this graph to very good effect in a TV debate some time ago. There we had some moronic buffoon towing his oil paymasters line, on how the data didn't stack up etc. Well this graph, got a round of applause from the audience, and the dude stopped talking. Amen.

These days it is easy yo look this up on a phone or tablet, and show it to the offender, although my personal favourite is to print on to a baseball bat and hit them on the head with it. If the offender is a co-worker why not super glue this graph to their desk?

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