Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Supply Chain Woes

Although the concept of the supply chain is a simple on the tracing of say all of
the components in a microwave can take months, as components may be
manufactured in different factories in different provinces / countries. How can this
information be passed over to a consumer so that they will understand the impact
there consumer-ing has on the global environment, its already started to a certain
extent with food, local food consumption is on the increase, supermarkets are
owing to consumer pressure but it needs to spread in to other sectors.

Also mentioned was the divisive and often “wooly” terms used to describe
environmental actions, taken by the particularly in the media, tax to target
motorist etc. Marketing slogans used and can also be very vague, “for every tree
we cut down we plant three more” this is great if they are talking about managed
spruce plantations in Scandinavia. Not so good if it is virgin Brazilian rain forest.
Because it would be unlikely they would replace like for like, probably a more fast
growing variety for instance, which would be less bio-diverse etc.

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