Thursday, 17 February 2011

What is Life?

What is Life? Well after much conflabing no satisfactory conclusion can be reached,
you might sum up by saying that life was the transfer of “data” from one living thing to
the next through RNA and DNA, although this will not be agreed on by all I am sure.

However, there is something more to life especially in mammals, all the information that is learnt after birth and passed on like the otter breaking a shellfish on a stone anvil, or a cat showing kitten how to catch a mouse. Also there is the spark when back in the primordial goop, something, some amino acids and some oxides of sulphur sprung in to life, that was life but it was not passed on it was created.

Some sexual organisms evolve, other asexual organisms pass on there genetic matter as a unchanging process, life is (as another lecturer once told me ) a thermo dynamic dis-equilibrium, it a bit catch all but I think that life in all its complexity needs that kind of catch all equation.

I once again found my self considering the precarious balance that we (humans) hold in the cosmos, the earths positioning in relation to the sun, the “skin on the apple” atmosphere for which humans on the whole have such a callous disregard.

Surely the knowledge has been in the domain long enough from the wheels of change (with regards to the protect of the atmosphere) to start turning there are signs of a start, Kyoto etc. but it needs more, what could be more precious than the air that we breath.

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