Tuesday, 8 March 2011

China and India. Do we have a right to judge?

Although it is dubious as to whether we in the west we have the right to question India and China's rapid growth and the associated industrialisation and pollution, it is clear that the price of progress falls dear on the environment.

Firstly we watched a documentary on China where the presenter visited two cities and there associated provinces, from the outset it was clear that the glittering jewel of shanghai is just centre piece in a rather large dysfunctional crown, one town, Xidtious had a cancer rate of 30 times than national average towns folk were regularly covered in outfall from the polluting factory. From what we saw on the documentary the town's chief was very much in business with the plants owner and despite the plants flagrant breeches in environmental, it obvious negative affects in the local populace and the appalling waste management practices, stood firmly by the plant saying "the cancer figures were not in the slightest bit odd".

It is obvious that corruption is a very big problem to be dealt with in developing countries, this is something that could be stamped over night in a what is effectively a dictator ship, just one word could stop all this, or could it? Some of the Chinese students voiced concern that there is no trust worthy enforcement body, (An equivalent of the UKs EA)

What benefits china gains from being under utilitarian rule, India lacks and so we see the full scale flounderings of the emerging global super power instead of the flounderings of a "fully developed country" the UK :-)

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