Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Green Economics - A fair way to go.

A green economy represents the way to mingle a capitalist economy with an environmental strategy which may irk out human existence on the planet.

The concept of the supply chain , which is a vital concept for consumers to grasp if they wish to prevent the collapse of the global ecosystem. If people knew about the palm oil in their digestive biscuit than perhaps, they would think twice about eating it. Palm oil plantations in Malaysia are responsible for a vast amount of native forest clearance, palm oil is in 30% of all products in the super market and people just keep on buying it ignorance is the main hurdle to overcome as people are just unaware of the destruction that they cause on a global scale, when loading their trolley at a local supermarket.

The concept of local thinking; people are detached from the pollution they cause and that is why they don’t think about it, we do a bit of recycling, screw in a few energy saving light bulbs and that’s that, we are doing our bit. WRONG WRONG WRONG. We have to have a major shift in the economy to green business, its possible and its already started in the states.

Although the concept of the supply chain is a simple on the tracing of say all of the components in a microwave can take months, as components may be manufactured in different factories in different provinces / countries. How can this information be passed over to a consumer so that they will understand the impact there consumer-ing has on the global environment, its already started to a certain extent with food, local food consumption is on the increase, supermarkets are
owing to consumer pressure but it needs to spread in to other sectors.

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