Thursday, 24 March 2011

Water Companies with Wrinkly Toes

During the last big recession Margaret Thatcher, had run down all if the utilities and now made to sell them off, however, it potential investors had to deduce the value of the utilities and as such thorough financial investigation was undertaken, of assets and such forth it was found that many of the sewage works were in breach of discharge limits set in 1951, Maggie invested in the companies to a point where they were saleable, and then sold them off, the initial reaction was asset stripping, selling of high value land near to PLVIs made some companies early profits. In more recent years it the high ground owned by many of the water companies has been rented to mobile phone companies for massive amounts.

I don't think this was foreseeable. It seems bad now that the Tories sold off all of the utilities but they were on the way out of a recession, I wonder what Prime minister Brown has in store round
the corner, in order to stump up funds, his borrowing will cost us more in the long run, If he had some utilities to sell perhaps he would be doing it now!This model of privatisation has not been extended to such levels in other countries, where in most cases mearly the running of such companies has been sold off to management companies. This is the case in France and the environmental management company also manages water in other countries, such a Israel.

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