Friday, 1 April 2011

Carbon payback scheme areOK?

Although carbon pay back schemes it brought about a decrease in growth for developing countries, that LDCs (Lesser Developed Countries) really still benefited from all of the technology of MDCs and and such there should not be complaints, we polluted our environment and the globe, and that's a shame but it lead to development, and LDCs get the benefits of this development, some might say that people in LDCs for example Botswana want to live a simple life and not to ruin the country by westernising it, but they probably drives a 4x4.

I have met a number of communists in my time, all who say "I'm a communist at heart". . . . they all live in big houses. Stick them in a tiny flat eating lard a cabbage, in Moscow in 1960, and then see if they want to be a communist, its the red wine moment as some call it. . . . .wouldn't it be nice if the world was cadbury.

The fact is people want. They want cars fridges, a nice house with a blender and something to put in that blender, these wants will never stop, so lets get less people on the planet. I think the one child policy in china is a bit harsh as be an only child may have negative psychological affects, a two child policy would stabilise the population and possibly reduce it slowly as some couples would choose to have one, the Chinese guys found it very strange that we get paid for having kids in this country. We have just had our fist child and we get £160 a month from the government and and tax breaks, now that's not a lot to my wife and I but, for a mother who is on social benefit or a low income family it is an incentive to have more kids, fact, this needs to stop. Also these lower social economic groups are generally less well educated, and large families put strain on parenting time which can only lead to social decline.

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