Friday, 8 April 2011

Evolution = Less Efficiency

What do we really need? (Based on Maslow Hierarchy)

-Water (3 liters a day)
-Food (1500 calories a day)
-Shelter (A tent and some animal firs)

What do we think we need?

-Water (100 liters a day) – (19/01/10: Not counting embodied water in products)
-Food (Three Meals, Hot Drinks, Snacks – 2500 calories a day and more)
-Shelter (Three bedroom semi detached)

. . . . . .and

2 Cars
Annual Holiday
An over lavish Christmas etc etc etc

So the bottom line is that most people their lives about as far away from being sustainable, as you could possibly imagine, and I suppose (to get back on track) people’s needs drive industry to provide what it does.

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