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Water Quality in the River Creedy

Water Quality in the River Creedy

Below based on content from a very old report published 1995:

  • Punchbowl waste disposal site was operated on the ‘attenuate and dilute’ principle which was a previously acceptable method for this type of domestic waste site. Problems with leachate contamination have been experienced in the upper reaches of the Hollacombe Water, a tributary of the River Creedy, where high ammonia and low oxygen concentrations have been frequently recorded 
  • Improvements to the sewage treatment facilities at Crediton and Newton St Cyres have resulted in significant improvements in water quality in the River Creedy.
  • Recent (1994) improvements to river water quality following significant improvements to the treatment facilities at two STWs mean that current water quality in the lower stretches of the River Creedy meet the proposed RQO RE2
  •  Crediton STW is consented for copper, zinc and lead, and discharges to both the River Creedy and the River Yeo (Creedy). The EQS for iron was exceeded in the River Creedy and Yeo (Creedy) in 1992 due to elevated background concentrations from the catchment geology.
  • The River Creedy has been identified as a Sensitive Area (Eutrophication) from Crediton STW (SS 8484 0063) to the Exe Estuary (SX 9310 9090). The qualifying STW is Crediton with a population equivalent of 12,500. Phosphorus removal is to be installed at this STW by the end of 1998. Routine monitoring will continue to confirm the Sensitive Area status.

Gradient of the River Creedy

Rivers Flowing in to Lyme Bay 
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