Saturday, 11 August 2018

Lynx Research

Lynx Research

12th June 2018

There is more than one type of Lynx. Two types are the Iberian Lynx and the Eurasian. 

Figure 1 – Types of Lynx: Iberian Lynx (with a Little Beardy Bit)

The Iberian Lynx Comes from the Iberian Peninsula where it lives in Cork Oak Forest.

Figure 2 - Map Showing Cork Oak Forest

Humans Harvest Cork from the Cork Oaks. If we stop buying cork, they will likely chop down the forest because they need to change businesses. So every time we buy Cork we help save the Iberian Lynx.

Figure 3- A Worried Rabbit (Leporidae Anxius)

The Iberian lynx mostly depends on wild rabbits to feed, but it will also eat ducks, yo
ung deer and partridges if rabbit densities are low.

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