Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Carbon Storage in Soils

Carbon Storage in Soils

Below table is taken from Carbon storage by habitat:Review of the evidence of theimpacts of managementdecisions and condition ofcarbon stores and sources.


It shows the carbon storage potential for various soils (based on habitats). As you can see some grasslands hold more carbon in the SOILS than woodlands. However this table shows soil storage and plant storage. 

Table Text (For Google)

Habitats Carbon stock in soils (t Cha-1 ) Carbon stock in vegetation (t Cha-1 ) Dwarf shrub Heath 88 2 Acid grassland 87 1 Fen, mash and swamp 76 ? Bog 74 2 Coniferous woodland 70 70 Broad leaf, mixed & yew woodland 63 70 Neutral grassland 60 1 Improved grasslands 59 1 Arable and horticulture 43 1 Coastal margins (UK) 48 ? 

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