Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Fashion and the Environment

Fashion the hidden enemy. How can we expect to live sustainable lifestyles when the fashion giants of the UK; Top Shop, Monsoon etc churn out an endless variety of trends, none of which last more than a few months. My wife, likes to stay in fashion, It is more difficult for a woman, a man can slouch around in jeans and a T-shirt at the weekend and a suite during the weeks, but a women is expect to do a little more (I am not being sexist, it is just the way it is). BUT am I merely conforming to the view set for me by society. It is easy to say let’s stop fashion but how.* Industry is so powerful and difficult to change.

George from Greece was saying that the cost of clothes is a problem they are sooooo cheap £3 for a pair of jeans, why even wash them? However, if you pay £100 pounds for a pair of jeans then you will look after them, ironically a pair of designer jeans don’t last as long a s a cheap pair!!

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