Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Civil Amenity Sites reselling

Civil Amenity Sites are very good; I find them a real resource the one nearest to where I live is a small-scale compost only service. The full scale one in Taunton (20 miles away!) has all of the facilities except a re-selling point, which really is the best bit! Where I used to work in Devon they had a reselling point, where you could buy a cycle for £10 or a fridge for £10 in fact the fridge in our kitchen is one that came from there and it is still sweet as a nut two years on. (Top tip on buying a second hand fridge is look at the temperature dial inside, if it’s turned right up then the fridge has probably had it). Does reselling cause extra footfall? It’s like a bit of an attraction surely?

One of the condensing options was compaction, in to smaller units each weighing 12 tons . . . . . if you can put twenty tons in a lorry (articulated) without compacting it. What's the point? Loads of money spent on compaction equipment for no reason! Very annoying.

Sometimes when I go up to London I have stopped to watch the barges travelling to and fro with their load of waste, I learnt today that they are loaded at Wandsworth and make their journey from there . . . but where do they go? FIND OUT And . . .

“Cory Environmental, the largest barge operator on the Thames, transports over 600,000 tonnes of London's household waste each year, removing around 400 lorry movements and their associated pollution, from London's streets every day." (20/12/09 http://www.thamesweb.com/page.php?page_id=70&topic_id=14) Goes on to say that the rubbish is taken to Mucking in Essex.

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