Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A National Heat Grid?

By using heat from buring wastem, and steam to gnerate eleticity, you can recover lots nmore energy. However there will be distibution probelms.

Thermal Treatment seems to me at least the most “fuss free” system for dealing with waste. However, I believe it should be applied on a small scale for maximum benefit, in this way, it would be possible to cut down of waste miles and utilize the heat more widely, which is a much more efficient way to use the energy created. Electricity generated would be fed in to the grid, but a new “grid” would have to be constructed for the distribution of heat. However, numerous small scale plants would mean more opportunity for localized use of heat (there for less pipe work etc.). No matter how good this system would be, it will not happen so long as public consultation remains such a dominant force in the planning process.

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